Mother’s Day Out

Let me preface all this by saying I did have fun on our trip on Saturday in the mountains.

The conversation goes like this:

Ken – “So, you want to go somewhere special for Mother’s Day?”

Me – “Yes”.  (as I am  thinking about going to Boone)

Ken – “What about Boone?”

Me – ” That would be cool.” (I start checking the weather in Boone)

Ken  – “Or what about Asheville? Or Black Mountain?”

Me – (still thinking about all the cool stuff I wanna do in Boone). “Um, ok?  I can go to Boone without you anytime.”

Ken  – (getting ready to leave and rambling about Greensboro and Winston). “You want to go eat at that restaurant in Greensboro that you like?”

Me – (Boone?) “No , I don’t want to go to Greensboro without seeing Karen.”

We proceed to the car still discussing where to go that isn’t Boone…

Ken – “I just want to go somewhere different.”

Me – (is this Mother’s Day or Father’s day?  It’s May right?  I want to go to Boone.)  “Ok, whatever.”

Ken – “So where are we going? Did you pick something out?  What about waterfalls?

We stop at a store to get sodas for the road.  I start searching rivers and waterfalls near Asheville on my phone.  Ken returns to the car.

Me – “What about Nantahala River?  It’s somewhere near Asheville (Maybe?).”

Ken – “Ok, put it in the GPS.”

Me – (Trying to find an address to put in the GPS for a RIVER)  “Okay, I can put in this touring company and that will get us in the right direction.”

We get on the road for real and get somewhere near Morganton when Ken decides we need to get off the main interstate.  Sometime in the intervening period of entering the address for the river and getting to Morganton, Ken decides we need to go to Asheville through Hendersonville.  We proceed to go off the main road and follow GPS to the new location in Hendersonville.  Somehow, I don’t recall ever getting to Hendersonville either.  We stopped in Lake Lure to look at the Flowering Bridge – which appears to be the old bridge that was converted to a garden when the new bridge went through.  Cool concept!  I got interesting pictures and then we headed down the road and ate at Medina’s Bistro in Chimney Rock…at least they had several vegetarian choices!

After lunch Ken asks me to enter the address for Mellow Mushroom in Asheville, because that will get us somewhere downtown…where did Hendersonville go?

FINALLY we get to Asheville (not Boone) and he decides to nap in the car while I walk up and down the hills of an unfamiliar part of Asheville for HOURS trying to find the ONE familiar part of Asheville I want to go to.  Ordinarily, I love to shop in Asheville… but ordinarily, shopping in Asheville involves a car and some idea of where I actually am.

Once I finally find the shops I am looking for – they have all mostly changed…fantastic….this is why I want to go to Boone, it doesn’t change like this.  I ended up buying some cranberry honey and tried to figure out how to get back to where Ken was parked.  I only went into about 3 shops or so at this point, because I was too busy hiking to where I wanted to go, which turned out to be completely different than I remembered.  I hiked back to the car, woke Ken up and walked him down to a coffee shop.  All caffeined up, we went into a couple more shops and then headed home.

All in all not a bad trip to where I did not want to go.

In flight entertainment!

In flight entertainment!